Scum Alum

If you miss anyone you used to see on the network, here's where you can find them.

Chris Gethard

Christi Chiello

Will Hines

Mary Houlihan

Kenice Mobley

Riley Soloner

Connor Ratliff

Griffin Newman

Patrick Cotnoir

The George Lucas Talk Show

Justin Linville

Maya Sharma

Space Wizards Must Die

Rachel Joravsky

Cody Wilkins

Robby Hoffman

Milly Tamarez

Martin Urbano

Planet Scum Production Team

Bryson Wallace

Supervising Producer

Jersey Dave

Supervising Producer

Forrest Phillips

Discord Admin, Merch Designer, Producer,
& Social Media Manager

Jess Jimenez

Production Coordinator & Discord Admin

Chris "Hex" Gonzalez

Producer & Video Editor